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Total Duration: 22:45

Videos: 3

Congratulations for deciding to take the 3 day Senior Fitness Challenge! Complete the challenge by completing a 5 MINUTE TARGET workout segment daily for 3 days. Good luck! To start click the grey PURCHASE BUTTON. You will not be asked for a credit card. The challenge is free & fun!

5 MINUTE TARGET- Total Body Express

This express workout is perfect when you want to target your total body but you are short on time. Try this exercise routine filled with compound movements which are efficient and effective.

Location: Tropical Pool Side Setting at Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

Extras: David Moye (age 55) & Linda Moye (age 54)

Exercises: Warm Up, Seated Compound Movements

5 MINUTE TARGET- Core / Ab Blast

Target your core to take stress off your lower back and help your posture. Do this workout on it's own or complete a couple 5 MINUTE TARGET segments for your perfect workout.

Location: Vitality Studio

Extras: Bonnie Beck (age 60) & Randi (age 56)

Exercises: Warm Up, Core & Weight Training

5 MINUTE TARGET- Cardio Balance

Increase your balance with this winning combination of cardio and balance!

Location: Unique Location in Front of a 50 ft. Shark in the Museum of Discovery and Science

Extras: David Moye (age 55) & Linda Moye (age 54)

Exercises: Cardio & Balance, Cool Down, Balance/Stretching